Margaret River Region

The Margaret River wine region, in the South West of Western Australia, has international recognition for its wine varieties and quality. Bounded by the cool southern reaches of the Indian Ocean, it is characterised by a Mediterranean climate which combines with well drained gravel loamy soils to produce premium wines of distinctive elegance and power, with complex fruit flavours and intense bouquets.

Our Story

In 1999, Watershed’s Founder and Managing Director, Geoff Barrett, discovered a piece of land just south of the Margaret River townsite. Geoff assembled his winemaking and viticultural teams and set about developing the site into the world-class vineyard, winery and restaurant we see today. Our first vines were planted in 2001 and our first wines were released from Margaret River growers fruit in September 2002 to coincide with the opening of our cellar door. Construction of our restaurant and cafe soon followed which were officially opened in 2003. Today, Watershed’s annual production exceeds 100,000 cases and wines are widely available on the domestic and international market.

The definition of watershed is ‘to go to a new (higher) level of understanding; an awakening’. A second meaning is ‘a high area of land between two bodies of water’. Both meanings are appropriate to Watershed Premium Wines.

The Watershed label was designed by Roland Butcher and incorporates a purple room with a four paned window on the wall. Green vines can be seen looking out of the window, however, the main focus is a ray of light streaming through the glass and diffusing across the floor, symbolizing a human being’s ‘stream of consciousness’ – a creative but almost uncontrollable thought process, spurred on by small inspirations, all leading to a final revelation, or awakening.